Welcome To Wheebox

Wheebox-Web-based and Hybrid Efficient Examination Box is India's leading talent assessment company helping Enterprise, Government and Academic Institutions globally to measure and identify talent. At Wheebox we understand that finding the right talent is the overarching initiative that supports organizational growth and stability.


Wheebox mission is to Measure World's Talent and Skill Potential.

Finding right talent and retaining is a top priority for any organization. Broadly speaking, effective talent sourcing and management practices create a workplace culture that makes the organizations align with employees with the mission to be productive. Ultimately the real one discriminating factor between an average company and a great company is its people. And organizations will win when they have the best talented people; it is as simple as that. Getting your organization to identify the right profile is the only goal that drives our business.

With this specific set of goals Wheebox brings robust technology and right talent assessment solution for organizations. The assessment research & development teams at Wheebox have created a bouquet of validated tests in areas like Cognitive Abilities, Behavioral Dimensions, Information Technology, General Abilities and Domain skills like BFSI, Retail, Sales, Customer Service, Core Engineering, Automobile etc.

Fact File:

Member "International Test Commission"
ISO 9001: 2008 Company
Member Quality Council of India
IBM Rational Performance Test Certified
250 Authorized Testing Centres in 60 Cities in India.
Over 500 Thousand Users being tested annually.
Publisher of India Skills Report with Confederation of Indian Industry

Values that drive our business

1. Focus on customer

We've focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we're designing the test page, reports, registration experience, we take great care to ensure that it shall benefit customer time. Our testing interface is clear and simple. We follow what you demand and we have noticed each time we have learnt more and our product has become more robust.

2. World is changing

People want access to reports, information and services wherever they are, whenever they need it. We're working on offering new solutions for mobile services that help people all over the world to connect and take assessments, view reports, make prudent decisions about hiring to even posting their score cards to employers on phone.

We at Wheebox understand the change and just in time demand from our customers. Hence our product teams are working out apps that work with Android to IOS to ensure that it works everywhere with the same ease and experience.

3. Language cannot be barrier.

We understand, Language cannot be the barrier to get connected to tool or technology. Hence we work with several vernacular Indian languages that serve the purpose. From English to Hindi or even Kannada our smart apps understand user demand and change the experience

4. Make services fast and reliable for users.

Make our Assessment services fast and reliable for our users. Our Technology Team, we call the Product Engineers, combines software development, networking and systems engineering expertise to build and run large scale, distributed, fault-tolerant applications.

We solve software and systems issues ranging from distributed change propagation on live servers, to designing and deploying intelligent reporting structures or conducting distributed assessment solutions across geographies using load balancing systems from IBM Servers based out of Singapore and the U.S.

5. Listen everyone but Ideas come from fresh minds.

Our teams come from diverse backgrounds, and we are actively seeking new team members to bring fresh perspective to solving problems, along with the technical and soft skills needed to keep our assessment services growing and reliable.

We hire creative engineers and technology enthusiasts who enjoy being challenged by problems of scale and complexity, with a strong desire to make services better for users.