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Compass Personality Dimension Test

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COMPASS PD is based on Big Five personality traits that are basic domains or dimensions used to describe human personality, COMPASS PD is able to account for different traits in personality without overlapping. Moreover, this five-factor structure seems to be found across a wide range of participants of different ages and of different cultures

What does it measure?

While there seems to be unlimited personality variables, COMPASS PD stands out from the pack in terms of explaining a lot of a person's answers to questions about their personality: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience.

Openness: This measures your level of creativity, and your desire for knowledge and new experiences considering how open the individual to various interests and ideas is. Practical persons are pragmatic and conventional. Inquisitive persons are open to new experiences and tend to have broad interests.

Conscientiousness: This looks at the level of care you take in your life and work. If you score high in conscientiousness, you're organized and thorough, and you know how to make plans and follow them through. If you score low, you're likely to be lax and disorganized.

Extraversion/Introversion: This dimension measures your level of sociability. Are you outgoing or quiet? Do you draw energy from a crowd, or do you find it difficult to work and be around others?

Agreeableness: This dimension looks at your level of understanding and empathy towards others. Do you have empathy? How important are others' opinions and feelings to the person? Can you sympathize with others?

Neuroticism (Sometimes called emotional stability): This measures your level of emotions. How does the person respond to adversity or pressure? Resilient individuals are unflappable, calm, and confident. Reactive persons are sensitive and emotional.

COMPASS 8PA predicts the degree of prevalence of these 8 critical personality traits in the candidate

1) Drive for results: It is the person's ability to show resilience and incessant need to accomplish the goals, despite the obstacles. The person is focused on achieving the results and objectives and he/she always strives to meet or exceed expectations in all situations.

2) Stress Tolerance: It is the person's, ability to be relaxed and composed when faced with difficulties. Having positive stress tolerance is being able to stay calm without getting carried away by strong emotions of helplessness and hopelessness.

3) People Leadership: It is the person's ability to guide others towards positive outcomes by providing them with clearly defined objectives, feedback & growth opportunities.

4) Planning and Organizing : It is the person's ability to establish systematic action plans for self and other to assure accomplishment of specific objectives or avoid emotional, financial, physical or social hardship. It helps the person to make and implement decisions.

5) Teamwork: It is the person's ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve common goals and positive results. He/ she tries to cooperate in the team using their individual skills and provide constructive feedback, despite any personal conflict within the team.

6) Decision Making: It is the person's ability to exercise good judgment in making decisions, considering all the available sources of information and alternatives.

7) Networking / Relationship Building: It is the person's ability to actively build and maintain working relationships and seeking new contacts.

8) Driving and Managing Change: It is the person's ability to understand the need for change & proactively build/adapt systems, processes and capability to harness the change opportunity

How does it help you?

Organisations use the test to find someone who really fits the job by looking at the position's responsibilities. For instance, does this position need a team player or someone who works well independently? Is the corporate culture very bureaucratic and organized? Does the role demand out-of-the-box thinking, or someone who is very comfortable following routines?

Using COMPASS PD Test Organisations put together a rough blueprint of the personalities they already have in the team and make a note of which personality traits would best fit into the new role.

You can also use the model as part of the recruitment process, to find people whose personalities best match the roles you are offering.

Understanding the personality traits that suit the role they are hiring for is important, but how personalities fit together can make a big difference as well.

Test Tools and Instructions

COMPASS PD is a handy 30 minutes online test that can be taken on any Internet connected device and the results are administered instantly. Wheebox also provides predictive analytics to look beyond job skills to the organizations with interview guidelines to validate administered competencies. The Interview guidelines are not provided to individual consumers and not part of standard report format or reporting tool.

Candidates are advised to take the test using an uninterrupted power supply and Internet connected device. Candidates cannot leave the test in between, as it will deactivate candidate's login.