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The Managerial Proficiency (MAP)

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The Managerial Proficiency (MAP) is a multiple-choice questionnaire that captures an individuals' typical response to work situations he or she is likely to encounter. The situations are generic, but cater to different areas of management. The items in the test provide a realistic picture of the scenarios that Managers may face at the workplace and require the effective utilization of managerial competencies to resolve them.

The management skills test administration format is online and takes about 50 minutes to complete. Candidates taking the managerial aptitude test are required to have mid school English comprehension level.

The results yield a profile, based on 9 major competencies required for managerial functions. The MAT also provides a readiness indicator to assess how much the candidate profile fits the job role.

The competencies identified and measuredare briefly described below:-

Drive for results: Resilience and striving to achieve goals, despite obstacles.

Planning and Organizing: Establishing systematic action plans for self and others to assure accomplishment of specific objectives.

Driving and Managing Change: Understanding the need for change & proactively building and adapting systems, processes and capability to harness the change opportunity.

People Leadership: Guiding others towards positive outcomes by providing them with clearly defined objectives, feedback & growth opportunities.

Team Work/Team Leadership: Takinga collaborative approach with others to achieve performance goals.

Client Centricity: Identifying existing &potential customers, understanding their current & future needs and responding with appropriate solutions ensuring quality service.

Problem Solving/Decision Making: Identifying the causes of problems & proposing realistic & practical solutions to address them.

Conceptual/Analytical Thinking: Understanding a situation or environment by putting the pieces together.

Strategic Perspective: Developing a clear vision for the future by looking at the business from outside-in.

By testing employees through this comprehensive assessment framework, the company can make informed decisions on candidate recruitment for managerial positions. The interpretative feedback can also be incorporated in the employee development process.

Key Features:

Assesses mid-senior level manager competencies
Quick, Online Assessment
Online Feedback Report
Insight into 9 Key Managerial Competencies
Competency Profile and Readiness Score