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Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Test (PSHAW) :

The focus on gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace over the recent past has compelled organizations to focus on creating a harassment free workforce for their female employees.
Wheebox Sexual Harassment Test is based on the Act for prevention of sexual harassment at workplace enforced in the year 2013.

What does the test measure?

The Wheebox Sexual Harassment Test has been designed keeping in mind all provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013. The test provides clear knowledge on where the candidate lies in understanding various aspects on sexual harassment in the workplace. The following three categories are tested:

* Awareness: Basic understanding of the concept and identification of behavior constituting sexual harassment.
* Prevention: To be able to discriminate between various forms of sexual harassment so that further incidences can be prevented; identifying questionable behavior that   could lead to harassment.
* Redressal: Knowledge about what to do when harassment occurs; how to report an incidence and how the Indian law handles the complaint.

How does it help organizations?

The efficacy of an organization's anti-sexual harassment program/policy depends greatly on awareness levels among the company's employees.

Employees have the confidence to raise red flags only when they know their rights. This test can also serve as a valuable tool to understand the gaps in workforce awareness levels and organize trainings/seminars/workshops where necessary. It can help organizations decide whether the employees lack knowledge of awareness, prevention or redressal. This knowledge can form the basis of future training and awareness programs.

Conducting a sexual harassment test can also reiterate to employees the organization's focus on creating a safe workspace for women. This test is applicable to every employee-be it a government organization, NGO or private organization. It is useful for every employee to know about the rights at their workplace.

Test tools and instructions.

Wheebox Sexual Harassment Test is a handy 20 minutes online assessment that can be taken on any internet connected device and the results are administered instantly. Wheebox also provides suggestive learning material for employees to abide.

Candidates are advised to take the test using an uninterrupted power supply and internet connected device. Candidates cannot leave the test in between, as it will deactivate candidate's login.