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SALT:Sales Litmus Test

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SALT (Sales Litmus Test) which is based on the 'Five Factor Model' has emerged as a robust model for organizations which recruit sales professionals. SALT is used to rate the candidates on the key pre-identified human personality traits essential for a sales job. SALT has helped the recruiting organizations tremendously in finding the right person for the required sales job.


SALT 4 measures how well a person fits in a front-line sales job in an organization. It is used primarily for selecting, on-boarding and managing front line sales people and account managers. The sales assessment enables an organization to evaluate an individual based on the qualities required to perform successfully.
SALT 4 predicts on-the-job performance in four critical sales behaviors:
  • Effective Probing Skills
  • Handling & Overcoming Objections
  • Solution Offering Skills
  • Negotiation & Closing Skills
SALT 4 is a handy 25 minutes online test that can be taken on any Internet connected device and the results are flashed to individuals or administrators, as the case may be, instantly.

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Candidates are advised to take the test using an uninterrupted power supply and Internet connected device. Candidates cannot leave the test in between, as it will deactivate candidate's login.