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TOELS-Test of English Language Skills

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The ability to communicate effectively in English is also the key to success in life today. Worldwide, there are over 1400 million people living in countries where English has an official status. Apart from this, one out of five of the world's population speaks English to some level of competence, and there is a pent up demand from the other four fifths. English is the main language of new research published in the form of books, newspapers, and is used to a large extent in international business, corporate life, academic conferences and much more. It is imperative therefore that organization increasingly look for English speaking candidates to work for them, irrespective of job description and level of seniority. Testing a candidate on their English language and communication skills has become mandatory for most of the organizations.

Test Format:

Candidates are assessed on their Listening, Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary & Writing Skills. Although all candidates get tested the same modules, the questions range from intermediate to graduate levels, and help in assessing all types of candidates.. The assessment comprises of 33 questions that are randomized and are adaptive in nature. The duration of the test is 45 minutes.

1. Listening:

Test takers listen to a number of recorded texts, which increase in level of difficulty as the test progresses. These include a mixture of monologues and conversations. It measures not only literal understanding such as following directions, but also the ability to make inferences.

2. Reading:

This test measures the respondent's ability to understand and determine the context or purpose of the text. It evaluates the respondent on comprehension of explicit supporting details and the chronological order of events in the text. It also tests the respondent's ability to draw inferences, and differentiate between facts and opinions expressed in a moderately complex text.

3. Dictation:

There are dictations embedded in the test that assesses writing correct sentences and spellings. These are simple business sentences that go from simple to complex.

4. Vocabulary :

The vocabulary question measures the respondent ability to define a word and select an appropriate usage of it. It also includes testing the knowledge of multiple meanings of the word. Precision, or the ability to apply the word correctly to all situations.

5. Grammar :

This area tests the respondent's ability to frame simple as well as complex statements and questions, using the right word order and right tense for the situation It also tests the respondent's skill in selecting the appropriate parts of speech, such as modals, adjectives and prepositions and using them accurately, with the correct punctuation marks.

Features of Wheebox English Language Test:

Test of English Language Skills is a 45 minute test. Items have been written to avoid culture, sex and age bias. Items have been written in simple, clear and concise business (British) English. The questionnaire has been designed to be brief. The questionnaire carries Audio based questions and real life Audio Case lets Items have been selected to maximize reliability

Test Scores

English Language Assessment provides a profile of a candidate's ability to use English.

Candidates receive scores on a band of 1-5 Basic, Pre-Intermediate Intermediate, Good user/Graduate and Advanced

A score is reported for each item in the assessment. The individual module scores are then averaged and rounded to produce an overall competence index on English Language proficiency.